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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kim Jong Kook :)

Kim Jong Kook is a singer and variety star. I will admit to loving both sides of his career! He started his entertainment career in 1995 as part of the group Turbo.

Kim Jong Kook in turbo days~

He started his solo career in 2001 and since then has released seven solo albums! As a solo artist Kim Jong Kook has proven to be wildly successful, with his biggest hits being More Today Than Yesterday (love, love, love this song and the music video for it!), One Man, and Loveable (my personal favorite). Honestly, all of his stuff is great and I love listening to it when I'm relaxing or working on homework.
Kim Jong Kook is known as having a high "mosquito" voice. Yoo Jae Suk loves to tease him about this which is always hilarious. In the above clip from Running Man Haha also provides some back up dancing ^_^

Despite his mosquito voice, Jong Kook is universally regarded as having one of the best body in all of K-Pop.

Despite his singing career, I got to know Kim Jong Kook through his variety show appearances. Once he finished up his military duties in 2008 he joined the cast of Family Outing.

Kim Jong Kook really added so much to the Family Outing cast. I love his "rivalry" with Jae Suk, his "scandals" with Ye Jin and Hyori, and his relationship with his "small eyed brother" Daesung ^_^

And of course, we can't forget about Kim Jong Kook on Running Man!I especially love Kim Jong Kook on Running Man. He always shows his weakness to girls which is so funny. Once again his "rivalry" with Jae Suk continues, and we get to see his love/hate relationships with his "kids" Haha and Gary. I love his "Sparta" and "Commander" characters, and of course his new cute~ "Kookie~ ^^".

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