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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Tragic Incident

Last Monday ( around 5 years ago), my grandfather passed away. He left our family at 1.20am on 23rd June 2008 at aged 70 years old. I loved him so much because we're closed to each other. It was because my grandparents stayed with my family. He left a wife, four children and 13 grandchildren, a sister and brother. He always sicked but we didn't expect that he will left us forever. Before he died, his attitude was like poles apart.

My grandfather did not burden before he died because he was only sick for about four days. When my aunt took him to the doctor and he said that my grandfather had an asthma that was in critical stage but my aunt don't believe the doctor. he told my aunt to bring my grandfather to hospital but he refused. My grandfather told my aunt that he want to died at home,same as his mother. the doctor try to persuade because there are not enough of oxygen in his lung and his lung was swollen because of excessive amount of water.

The effect from the lung make his hand turn blue as bruised and his leg swollen. This situation is same as out of frying pan into fire because he refused to go to the hospital. On sunday morning,he still talked to me and asked me a lot of question although his voice was not cleared. I thought he will be okay but unfortunately when i went back from tuition class, he is in critical condition. He didn't either drink nor eat. We start to recite yasin for him sake.

That night my house were fulled with relatives and neighbours. He didn't open his eyes and his tongue was rolled. When our relative when back, my brother, uncle and mother continue to recite yassin. It is 1.00 am and my grandfather is in critical condition. My grandmother teaches him to recite syahadah and abount 1.20am he left us. I started to cry because I have lost my grandfather. My father went to fetch the doctor to our house. My house start to full with people.

Our family continued to recite Yassin and Al-Quran. Around 10.30am the muslim person who tasked to bath the deceased came. After bath, they kapan my grandfather. We became so sensitive and cried. My cousin cried till his eyes swollen. They brought him to Tanah Perkuburan Islam Jalan Perak.

p/s: nie karangan areda time form 5 dulu..kemas2 buku terjumpa pulak

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