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Monday, December 31, 2012

Entry Terakhir 2012

Sedar tak sedar lagi beberapa jam je kita akan melangkah ke tahun baru n 2012 will become history...sejarah mungkin berulang bak kata newboys...kita yang akan tentukan samaada sejarah akan berulang atau tak....n the most important key here is MUHASABAH DIRI. let go all the bad things n amek yang good-good ja....meh la kita review sikit wut happened to me is the past 12 months of 2012.

-final sem untuk diploma pengrusan pelancongan which me i'm the super senior.....
-workout for final project proposal for 5-6 times
-problematic dengan owner rumah sewa which is suka dok mengendap bila time nak mandi...(seriously this part is the most ngeri part)

-getting closer with all of the classmate which is before this they hate me damn much
-crisis with my best fren ever because of the final project and this hurts me....
-preparation with the final project and many problems came up.
-sesi perkenalan with abg seberang highway

-final project occasion which bring us to the disaster....menang bencana yang amat dahsyat 
-crisis dengan all lecturer yang look down towards us
-end up relation with abang seberang highway ( i dont want any serious relation yet)

- VIVA (presentation......)
-quizzes,test,assingment,tutorial and wut so ever + the final is around the corner...
-15 April : final examination for final year...yeahhhh ini akhirannya....

-just relax before waiting for the results....
-relationship backto normal with my besties

-started to work as cashier cum admin clerk in one of the photo company in Penang
-gather with new friend yang mana semua cha ya nun alif n all guys....i'm the only princess

-buzy with job till i didn't have time for family and for blog...huish memang penat at that time but it is so fun...
-welcoming the month of barakah..ramadhan....
-become the only person yang fasting at workplace...
-get to know another guy

-terrible tired so i resigned to get a better job..
-relaxed till syawal and guess wut???i attend an swimming courses :)

-learning new things..get new friends from other college
-experience is the best teacher actually
-leypark here and there with fren in KL...my mom so shock when i told here i'm at KL with my frenssss
-get back to Penang and start to work at agensies....this is bad
-throw the guy asside because he feel that i'm his special gf..but the truth is not..hahaahaha...very bad 

-again resign from work because i can take one day off...this is very worst
-holiday at johor + my bro convocation day @ UTM Skudai
-be a house wife....hahahaahahahah

-mom admitted to the hospital n been hospitalized...
-be a nurse at hospital for 5 days...
-mom have to sit on bed for two months after operation
-take over mom place...went for wet market,supermarket,cooking,doing house hold....n i want to say that i'm not ready to have my own family...seriously salute dekat semua mom especially yang housewife..there  
are many things to be done.

-bila mom dah duduk atas katil so i'm the one yang cook and the gud thing is i can  cook curry :)
-cook many things such as nasi ayam penyet,crepes,pavlova,make ice cream yang macam baskin robin tue.... 

if there are bad things that have been done..tutup buku lama and buka buku baru ok :)
areda nak pohon ampun and maaf for the whole year of 2012..peace no war

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