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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


hye peepss...
da lama tak hapdate belog sampai da bersawang ghupenye...bukan apa nie semua sebab penangan cita korea la....cite apa lagi kalau bukan running man tuh....
so da tersempat nak hapdate areda nak share sikit la pasal job yang areda dapat...akceli masa areda isi untuk job nie dia kata kat penang....so apa lagi pulun la dik non oiii....besa la anak mak =)
pas tu bila dia sent interview thru email,areda pown jawab la...sekali hamek kau dia email cakap da berjaya...tapi kerja kat LONDON...
agak2 la kan,parents areda bagi p tak..huahuahua

222 Marylebone Road
London, Greater London.

We have received your response to our questions sent to you in our
previous email addressed to you. The management of the L
and mark Hotel
found your answers satisfactory. You have shown us that you are
competent and capable of delivery quality service here at the Landmark

The management of L
and mark Hotel
 will like to use this medium to inform

you that you have been accepted and offered a job placement here at
the Hempel Hotel. We are acknowledging you as our latest worker. The
management believe that you carry out your duties industriously.

This is an Affirmation that your experiences and qualifications were
found suitably qualified for the requirements of L
and mark Hotel

London. This document attached embodies the Agreement Letter of the job
that is been offered to you. You are expected to sign and send back
scanned copy to us if you agree with the terms and conditions.

Note that you are to bear some of your travel documents processing
expenses upfront to prove your seriousness and commitment to work with
our reputable organization. You are to bear the cost for obtaining
your Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit/Resident Permit.

While the hotel management will bear the cost of processing your Visa
and flight ticket. When your travel documents are ready, we shall
proceed with the securing of your accommodation here in London at the
company's Staff Quarters. We must have confirmed your visa, your
seriousness and willingness to join our team here in London.

You have to write a letter via email to AJS Travel & Tours LTD, our
Immigration Consultant here in the United Kingdom for the processing
of your Immigration Documents such as Work/Resident Permits Documents,
Foreign Affairs Certification and other supporting Immigration
documents before your job commencement period. You will also have to
forward scanned copy of your signed Agreement/Contract Letter to them
for confirmation that the landmark Hotel, London employed you, so as to
enable them proceed further with the processing of your Immigration

The contact details of the AJS Travel & Tours LTD are given below.

E12 6RE

The reason for this personal processing of Immigration Documents by
employee, is due to the fact that in the past after processing the
documents for some employee they don't show up for job duty, where by
incurring cost for the company. We therefore advice you to carry on
every due processing with our immigration consultant for the
procurement of your Immigration Document.

Also remember that any Expenses you make on the process of registering
your documents shall be refunded back to you on joining as soon as you
submit your expenses report.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Perry Smith
Manager, Human Resources Department

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Anonymous said...

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